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We Level Up TX Rehab Open During COVID-19

At We Level Up TX treatment center, client, team, and vendor members’ safety is of the foremost highest importance.  We are Open, operating 24-hours and accepting admissions. As an essential healthcare provider, you can rely on us to remain open to treating clients at all times. Please know we are constantly working to take necessary precautions during COVID-19, the COVID Delta variance, and now the Omnicron variant.

To meet the challenges raised by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we continuously monitor state and federal authorities and amend our safety, cleaning, sanitizing guidelines and procedures.  We are supporting and establishing best practices and safety protocols to help support both clients and staff while always helping our communities. We are also proactively watching and responding to recommendations made by the CDC and local health regulators.

Effective presently, we kindly request that family and friends of clients in treatment do not deliver personal items to inpatient patients.  Kindly know we provide laundry services on-site, and we can provide all toiletry necessities that clients require during their stay.  Please know that a caretaker at We Level Up TX treatment center can help obtain all crucial or pressing products that clients require. Kindly please feel free to plan arrangements for any special or unique items in advance. By simply contacting us with your request.

Safety Considerations for Clients, Families & Staff

  • Clients and team members are being monitored for potential COVID symptoms.  Temperatures are taken as appropriate.
  • Clients may be tested regularly as appropriate and directed by the medical team.
  • Team members can be tested regularly as appropriate and directed by the medical team..
  • Comprehensive client intake required for new admissions to include additional screening information as appropriate to screen for COVID pre-admissions.
  • Professional around the clock medical care is available 24 hours a day by our doctors and nursing teams.
  • Quick local access to emergency hospital medical care is near by to our location.
  • Individuals tested positive for Corona Virus are quarantined until their test results are negative and or as per CDC guidelines.

Client Travel & Offsite Safety Precautions

  • Clients are to remain onsite during their treatment.
  • Clients are to avoid all off-site meetings, events, or outings.
  • Visitation passes are to be extremely limited and or discontinued or postponed during this time.
  • Family and similar sessions sessions can be facilitated via phone, Zoom or similar online meetings.
  • Essential vendors may be further screened before coming into the treatment center as appropriate.

For more information regarding coronavirus safety protocols, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

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