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Premier TX Addiction Treatment

Alcohol & Drug Detox Dual Diagnosis Center

TX rehab for addiction & detox treatment

World-class Houston TX Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

We Level Up TX treatment center offers comfortable detox, addiction rehab, and secondary dual diagnosis mental health therapy.

We believe in comprehensive science-based holistic treatment programs including intensive group & individual sessions, recreational therapy coupled with family and alumni support to start. Addiction rehabilitation programs include supervised detox before beginning to treat the underlying causes of addiction through intensive inpatient treatment.


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We Level Up Texas is an alcohol & drug addiction rehab detox center located in the greater Houston area. Inpatient addiction programs are custom-tailored to individual client needs.


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Addiction treatment - TX Rehab for alcohol & drug addiction
Relaxing setting perfect for recovery at our TX rehab for alcohol & drug addiction.

Many addiction treatment centers diagnose solely based on symptoms. But, the We Level Up TX rehab team of dual-diagnosis specialists is well trained to assess and treat both addiction & secondary co-occurring mental health disorders using science-based therapy programs.

Integrated medical care is at the core of what we do. We pinpoint and treat corresponding medical ailments that are contributing to a primary behavioral health condition. While caring for medical conditions that result from behavioral health conditions.


Top-notch Addiction
Science-based Treatment Center

We Level Up TX alcohol & drug rehab detox dual-diagnosis treatment teams follow evidence-based recovery therapy. Providing high-quality intensive inpatient treatment programs for alcoholism, substance abuse & secondary co-occuring mental health disorders.

Supervised Medical Detox

We Level Up TX Detoxification center provides a comprehensive detox treatment process with three essential components that can take place concurrently or as a series of steps:

1. Detox Evaluation involves testing for the presence of substances of abuse in the bloodstream, measuring their concentration, and screening for co-occurring mental and physical conditions.

2. Detox Stabilization includes the medical and psychosocial processes of assisting the client through severe intoxication and withdrawal to achieve a medically stable, fully supported, substance-free state.

3. Fostering the patient entry into residential treatment involves preparing the client for entry into substance abuse inpatient treatment by stressing the importance of continuing on with the entire substance abuse treatment continuum of care.

Intensive Inpatient Rehab

What is inpatient rehab? Drug and alcohol inpatient rehab centers serve as the initial step down from Detox. Where personalized therapy programs begin for alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health disorders. Recovery starts with getting sober and is a part of your life indefinitely.

What behavioral health rehab programs are provided? Providing therapy, education, and support for recovery after treatment is a crucial part of addiction treatment centers. Even as important, if not more so than helping you get sober.

We Level Up TX rehab offers:

1. Free life-long client alumni program.

2. Free life-long family support program.

3. Specialized inpatient rehab addiction treatment teams.

4. Complex Dual Diagnosis secondary Mental Health Treatment.


First-class Texas Drug Rehab Center

Top-notch texas alcohol & Drug rehab


exceptional rehab Facility

We know the substance abuse problem has been booming in The Lone Star state for some time. The saying ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ seems apropos. With the Texas-sized alcohol and drug addiction crisis brewing, many people struggling with alcohol & drug addiction in Texas and surrounding states do not know where to turn to. You’re not alone.

In a survey, 7.3% of Texas residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month. In 2009-2010, Texas was reported as one of the top ten states for prior year cocaine use.

  1. 20% of primary drug rehab admissions in Texas were for heroin addiction treatment.
  2. Meth lab seizures in Texas increased 22%, from 93 incidents in 2007 to 113 incidents in 2010.
  3. Marijuana has surpassed cocaine as the most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment.

In the Houston area, 369,000 persons aged 12 or older were classified as having a substance use disorder in the past year.

  1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – State Estimates of Substance Use from the 2009-2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health:,
  2. El Paso Intelligence Center’s National Seizure System (EPIC-NSS),

Texas rehab trends in counties Aransas, Brooks, Fort Bend, Galveston, Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Jim Wells, Kenedy, Kleberg, Liberty, Montgomery, Nueces, Orange, Refugio, San Patricio, and Victoria.

  1. The Houston region is a major national hub for Drug Trafficking Organizations moving drugs into the United States from Mexico
  2. In 2010, Houston HIDTA seized more than 1.5 tons of cocaine, 108 tons of marijuana and 400,000 dosage units of illicit pharmaceutical drugs destined for cities across the United States. In addition, the
  3. The Houston HIDTA continues to adapt to evolving trends in the sale and distribution of narcotics, and is currently focusing on the growing threats presented by diverted pharmaceuticals and indoor hydroponic marijuana grow houses, in addition to traditional targeting of Drug Trafficking.


About We Level Up TX Rehab Detox Center

We Level Up TX
treatment center

We Level Up Texas is a part of a larger network of addiction rehab and mental health rehab facilities.

Our success is driven by evidence-based practices and adherence to our mission and core values.

Learn about us.

Core Values

We Level Up Texas rehab center adheres to a strict ethos backed by a commitment to our core values of:



Providing you with complete treatment with a life-long map back to ongoing long-term recovery success.

Enabling clients to live to their fullest, most authentic potential so that they can choose a dream life without limitations of substance abuse or mental health conditions. 

So tell me this, what can’t you do?

  1. Mend relationships with friends and family today. Alcohol & drug addiction negatively impacts everyone around you. Your entire family & loved ones likely have failed trying to cope with the severe consequences of your addiction. Feelings & problems of of guilt, shame, anger, fear, lack of trust, financial difficulties and hopelessness abound. Get help to to fix your relationships today.
  2. Regain your career and find employment opportunities today. Problems at the office can start small, like missing deadlines or being tardy once or twice. But, as one’s addiction disorder progresses, what were minor problems soon become a pattern of displinary issues that lead to job loss and termination. If you’ve lost your job or are afraid of losing it, treatment can help. Even better pursuant to Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA your job may be protected while in addiction rehab treatment. Call us to learn more.
  3. Treat overdue serious and or developing medical health problems today. Extened substance abuse can quickly esclate to the point of severely risking one’s physcial health. Dangerous impact to your health can include worsening health conditions like, collapsed viens, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, vomiting, nausea, severe constipation, sleepiness, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, stomach pains, kidney and liver damange, seizures, stroke, memory loss & brain damage. You may find yourself with a weak imunity, increased risk of HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis and other diseases. If you are already experiencing these illnesses, your body is already signaling that you need help today.

Are you ready to overcome your addiction? We Level Up Texas Treatment Center is here to partner with you on your journey to recovery success. There is no better time than today! Get started with a phone call!