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Kingwood, Texas Addiction Treatment Center

We Level Up Texas – Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

We Level Up Texas is a drug and alcohol treatment center based in Kingwood, Texas. Offering an advanced modern renovated addiction treatment facility just on the outskirts of Houston, Texas.

Our rehab detox center, like all our other network treatment centers, believes that the recovery process should take place in a setting designed for recovery. The city of Kingwood offers a tranquil environment set in a true oasis for recovery treatment.

TX Rehab Detox Center for addiction treatment

Services Offered

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Inpatient rehab is a type of addiction treatment where patients reside at a rehabilitation facility 24/7 while receiving supervised and highly structured care for their drug and alcohol abuse.

Detox Addiction Treatment Center

A professional drug detox program entails the use of a set of interventions (such as medications and other therapies) to safely manage the side effects that accompany quitting drugs.

Dual-Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment Center

To get to the bottom of why your addiction started in the first place and help you work through your co-occurring conditions, we combine traditional, evidence-based treatment with a more holistic approach.

We Level Up National Locations

We Level Up is a national network of addiction treatment and mental health treatment centers. Offering dual-diagnosis programs that treat the entire disease of addiction and corresponding secondary mental health disorders. Call to learn more?