How Long Does Ketamine Stay in Your System? Uses & Timeline

When considering a ketamine withdrawal treatment or a detox program, we strongly advocate opting for a well-monitored and medically assisted environment. This ensures your safety and comfort as you navigate through the process. Continue reading to learn the safer options for ketamine detox and withdrawal management.

How Long Does Ketamine Stay in Your System?

According to research published by the US National Institutes of Health PubMed, there is substantial evidence supporting the rapid, although temporary, antidepressant and anti-suicidal effects of a single IV ketamine infusion for treatment-resistant depression and bipolar depression. [1] Unfortunately, many users also abuse ketamine due to the said effects and the psychedelic experience it can induce.

Ketamine half life is about 2.5 to 3 hours in adults. After this time, your body has taken all it can from the drug, and you may begin having a ‘comedown.’ To avoid the feelings of a comedown, some people take more ketamine to keep up with the euphoric state they were in before.

The comedown, or crashing, is a phase of ketamine withdrawal that involves the deterioration in mood and energy that occurs when ketamine clears from the blood in the bloodstream. Generally, a comedown can happen to anyone as a transient symptom. Still, in people who are dependent on ketamine (especially those addicted to it), it is an early symptom of withdrawal and thus can be followed by others.

General Overview of Ketamine Uses and the Duration of its Effects

The FDA officially approves ketamine as a sole anesthetic during diagnostic and surgical procedures. However, it is not FDA-approved for treating any psychiatric disorders, despite some off-label use for conditions like depression. [2]

Purpose/UseDosage/RouteDuration of Effects
Anesthetic Induction1-2 mg/kg IVRapid onset, short duration (5-15 min)
Analgesia0.1-0.5 mg/kg IV/IMVariable duration (15-60 min)
Sedation in Emergency1-2 mg/kg IVShort duration (10-20 min)
Treatment-Resistant Depression (off-label)Infusions over days/weeksEffects may last days to weeks after treatment course
Chronic Pain Management (off-label)Infusions or intranasalVariable duration: it may provide relief for days to weeks
Psychiatric Disorders (off-label)Various protocolsVariable duration: its effects may last days to weeks
Recreational UseVariableShort-term, typically a couple of hours
The information provided here is a general guideline, and actual effects may vary from person to person.

How Long Does Ketamine Stay in Your Body?

A urine test is often the preferred specimen for routine drug use monitoring purposes. The presence of “norketamine,” a pharmacologically active ketamine metabolite, is helpful for confirmation of ketamine ingestion.

Time After AdministrationStatus of Ketamine in the Body
Short-Term EffectsEffects last for approximately 15-60 minutes.
Detection in UrineDetectable within hours after use, up to several days.
Detection in BloodDetectable for several hours to a day after use.
Detection in SalivaDetectable for a shorter duration compared to urine.
Detection in HairPotentially detectable for a more extended period (months).
Elimination Half-LifeKetamine: 2-3 hours; Norketamine (metabolite): 3-4 hours.
Please note that the times mentioned above are general timelines.

What Factors Affect How Long Ketamine Stays in Your System?

Chronic use or conditions affecting metabolism and excretion may influence the duration of ketamine in the body. Here are factors that can affect ketamine drug tests:

  • Dosage.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Administration route.
  • Individual metabolism.
  • Liver function.
  • Kidney function.
  • Overall health.
  • Body weight.
  • Presence of other substances or medications.
  • Genetics.
  • Hydration levels.
  • pH of urine.
  • Chronic use vs. occasional use.
  • Concurrent medical conditions.
  • Interaction with other drugs.
  • Urinary pH.
  • Duration of use.

How Long Does Ketamine Last?

The intensity and duration are influenced by the users’ current mental state, previous experience, and drug dosage. However, The effects of ketamine generally develop within 10 to 20 minutes of use and end after about 45 to 90 minutes.

How Long Does Ketamine Nasal Spray Last?

The effects’ therapeutic duration might vary, usually between sixty and one hundred minutes. Compared to other administration methods, the nasal spray formulation facilitates faster absorption into the body circulation through the nasal mucosa, which helps accelerate the beginning of action.

How Long Does Ketamine Work for Depression?

When thinking about ketamine treatment for depression, people should speak with a licensed healthcare provider about the possible advantages, drawbacks, and customized treatment programs depending on their unique situation. Furthermore, a holistic strategy that may incorporate medication, psychotherapy, and other therapies is frequently used in the treatment of depression. However, these are the general timeline for ketamine therapy for depression:

Rapid Onset

Ketamine is known for its rapid onset of action, often producing noticeable effects within hours to days after administration.

Short-Term Relief

The immediate antidepressant effects of a single ketamine infusion may last for a few days to a couple of weeks. Some individuals experience relief for a longer duration, while others may see a more transient benefit.

Booster Sessions

Maintenance or booster sessions may be recommended for sustained effects. Depending on the treatment protocol, these booster sessions might be administered weekly or at longer intervals.

Variable Duration

The duration of ketamine’s antidepressant effects can vary among patients, and responses may differ. Some individuals may experience a more prolonged benefit, while others require more frequent sessions.

How Long Does Ketamine Stay in Your Urine?

Ketamine and its metabolites can be detected in urine more extended than in blood. It is generally detectable for up to 3-6 days after use. However, heavy or chronic use may extend the detection window.

After administration, ketamine travels throughout the body. Norketamine is one of the primary metabolites that the liver metabolizes from ketamine. The kidneys subsequently filter these metabolites and any remaining ketamine.

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Detoxing From Ketamine

Ketamine detox is about letting your body clear the drug. It’s a challenging process where your body and mind have to adjust to not having ketamine. Though withdrawal can be difficult, remember it’s temporary. Stay committed, and you can manage cravings with motivation and let your body recover.

How long does ketamine stay in your system? The duration depends on several factors. However, ketamine withdrawal can range from mild to severe, from days to months.
How long does ketamine stay in your system? The duration depends on several factors. However, ketamine withdrawal can range from mild to severe, from days to months.

When considering a ketamine detox, we firmly advocate opting for a well-monitored and medically assisted setting. This ensures your safety and comfort as you navigate through the process.

Detox promotes recovery in a safe, comfortable environment and provides resources for withdrawal that relieve withdrawal symptoms. With a staff of trained practitioners and caretakers, We Level Up Texas rehab center offers a medical detox under the careful management of professionals.

Also, we work to maximize comfort, offering over-the-counter and prescriptions as needed, psychological care, and personal support to encourage abstinence from ketamine and other drugs, both today and for years to come.

Ketamine Withdrawal Timeline

The period it takes for ketamine withdrawal symptoms to appear varies, but they usually do so within 24 hours of discontinuing the drug.

Time After QuittingKetamine Withdrawal Symptoms
1-3 daysIrritability, Cravings, Difficulty Concentrating
4-7 daysFatigue, Changes in Mood, Increased Anxiety
1-2 weeksInsomnia, Sweating, Shakiness, Nausea
2-4 weeksHallucinations, Changes in Appetite, Muscle Pain
4-6 weeksTremors, Rapid Heartbeat, Restlessness
Beyond 6 weeksVivid Dreams or Nightmares, Feeling Emotionally Flat, Social Withdrawal, Suicidal Thoughts
Getting expert help throughout the withdrawal phase increases the chances of a more successful recovery.

Treatment for Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine addiction happens because it induces euphoria and alters perception; it also activates the brain’s reward system. Known as “K” or “Special K,” this drug can lead to tolerance, requiring higher doses for the same effects and increasing the risk of substance use disorder.

As the first step in clearing the body of this potent drug, ketamine detox is a crucial stage in the treatment of ketamine addiction. The main objective is to provide safe withdrawal management, enabling users to overcome the physical difficulties associated with it. However, treating the psychological side of addiction is just as important, and this is where inpatient treatments are crucial.

In an organized, supportive atmosphere, people may assess the underlying causes of their substance use at inpatient treatment facilities. The comprehensive and science-based inpatient therapy approach includes counseling, behavioral treatment, and support group participation. This thorough approach addresses the acute challenges of detoxification while giving individuals access to the required resources.

Medical practitioners may use the proper medication to treat specific symptoms or co-occurring illnesses. Seeking advice from a medical expert is crucial to decide how best to treat withdrawal symptoms and encourage healing.

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Ketamine detox demands careful consideration of risks and a professional support system. Attempting it at home lacks medical supervision, posing complications like relapse and psychological dangers such as severe depression or even suicidal thoughts. Managing withdrawal is challenging, with symptoms varying, and without professional support, the risk of overdose increases. Medical supervision during the ketamine detox process is crucial for a safer and more manageable experience.

While detoxing at a We Level Up Texas facility, you can also participate in on-site sessions like group therapy, seminars, and workshops, offering valuable insights into your addiction and long-term recovery strategies.

Following the completion of a ketamine detox at We Level Up Texas Addiction Treatment Center, several different treatment options help individuals struggling with addiction. Care can be provided on an inpatient and various levels of care. Your addiction treatment team will recommend levels of care depending on your current progress in recovery, your experience with addiction and recovery, your motivation, and your home situation.

How long does ketamine stay in your system? It can stay in your urine for several days and can be detectable through various drug tests. Fortunately, a medical detox program can help you to discontinue the drug safely.
How long does ketamine stay in your system? It can stay in your urine for several days and can be detectable through various drug tests. Fortunately, a medical detox program can help you to discontinue the drug safely.

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