Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Alcohol and Bone Density Alcoholism is a disease characterized by alcohol dependency. Because alcohol affects almost every organ in the body, chronic heavy drinking is associated with many serious physical effects of alcohol, including osteoporosis. Maintaining sobriety is undoubtedly the… Read More »Physical Effects of Alcohol

How alcohol affects the brain? Psychosis associated with alcohol can occur with acute intoxication, alcohol withdrawal, and patients with chronic alcohol use disorder.  The particular diagnosis of alcohol-induced psychosis is also known as alcohol hallucinosis. It is a relatively unusual… Read More »How Alcohol Affects The Brain

Alcohol and Insomnia Problems Alcohol can have either a stimulating effect that increases sleep latency (time to fall asleep) or a sedating effect that induces sleep, depending on dose and the interval from drinking to bedtime. Stimulating effects are noted… Read More »Alcohol and Insomnia